Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Solomon - "Life Goes On" Released

Following the success of his sophomore 2011 EP, “The Love Rocker Project,” New York's genre-bending out singer, songwriter and rapper Solomon releases his latest single, “Life Goes On...” via his label, SolRay Records. Written and co-produced by Solomon, “Life Goes On...” finds the artist comfortably delving deeper into the dance genre as he sings about unrequited love and the inevitability of moving on. “Life Goes On...” with a Radio Edit, Extended Mix and digital booklet will be available May 29th on iTunes, Amazon.com and various music retailers worldwide.

2011 saw Solomon debut on LOGO’s NewNowNext PopLab with his music video “Wit Us U Can’t...” featuring rapper Bry’Nt, a summer tour opening up for Deborah Cox, the cover of Bent Magazine, his California anthem, “West Coast !$#” infiltrate dance floors with remixes by Jason Nevins and Digital Dog, covering Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” and more. But there is more the defiant musician wants to do this year besides achieve independent success- he wants to continue to be a voice for LGBT youth.

Beginning in early 2008 as an out rapper and singer invited on Eminem’s SiriusXM Shade45 morning show, San Diego, California native Solomon continues to speak openly about his sexuality while garnishing a large internet following of fans he calls Love Rockers. “It’s important I am forever honest with my Love Rockers,” the artist states. “I didn’t have anyone to look up to when I was 12 and 14, so I feel I have this inherited responsibility to be their voice. To assure them that we’re pretty dope and that it’s cool to be you.”

Having overcome a rough childhood filled with drug addiction, school fights and his fathers incarceration, Solomon found refuge in writing music and rapping. With his earlier rap mixtapes littered with dark metaphors and graphic narrative, Solomon continues to pour his feelings in his latest single, “Life Goes On...”

“When I write a song, the shit has to be real. Never contrived. I can’t write about something I’ve never felt. This new single I find myself being vulnerable again. I hate to admit it, because I come off so soft, but man- I have feelings too.”

When asked about being a rapper and a singer, Solomon replies, “I’m an artist. There are days I rap and days I sing. Just so happens this new single is a dance single. I was in the studio last week and recorded two rap songs. They’ll be out by the end of the summer. On the flip side, I just got asked to feature my vocals on this French DJ’s new single. I love music. I hate boxes.”

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