Thursday, May 3, 2012

KINGSHIP - Wandering Sailor

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When Querelle meets Michel Gondry...

This amazingly original video was directed by the uber-talented Michael Serrato, co-directed by special FX gurus Brian Reindel and James Papadopoulos, shot by sexy dock fighter Jesse Brunt and tricked out by master of puppets Brian Clark.

Featuring the best crew a captain could dream of: his Majesty the Gay Pimp himself Jonny McGovern and, as his sailor boytoy, Brad Cheyne; world-sensation and sensational Drew Droege (aka "It's recently come to my attention" Chloë Sevigny) as the Madam; super-talented Julie Goldman as the drag-king bouncer; the hilarious Tanya McClure as the one-eyed barmaid; beautiful sailorgirl Brandy Howard; badboy patron James Hawkins; Sebastian Thomas Johnson as the hunky backroom trick (real tats included); and dreamy Wandering Sailor, Jonah Wharton.

Special thanks to badass drummer Alexandra Vega and (one-time) bass-punk Ludovic Desvignes.

And of course, KINGSHIP's singer/songwriter Chris Hall and pianist/composer Paul Leschen. Category:

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