Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Casey Stratton - The Calling Of The Crows

Casey's 1st "regular" outing since 2010's Myth & Stars, The Calling of the Crows is an examination of grief and life moving on after loss, focusing on the many emotions along the way.

The released download will include a digital booklet.
released 16 May 2012
Casey - Vocals, Piano, Guitars, keyboards, Percussion, Drum Editing, Mixing.

Produced, performed, engineered and mixed by Casey Stratton

All songs written by Casey Stratton -

Photography provided by Terry Johnston Photography -

First and foremost I must dedicate this album to Henry William Stratton with the deepest gratitude and love for the 16 years of immense joy you brought to my life. Ups and downs, cities and towns, we spent a lot of time together and I miss you beyond measure every single day. Now and forever...

Terry Johnston - again and again your images are so appreciated to help me tell the story. Your friendship is also a part of the story I am thankful for.

Thank you to my family - without you I would be forever lost.

To my friends: Mario (for the listening sessions as always, for listening to me process and for a shoulder to cry on), Holly (for being there for me always and especially on a terrible day), Tina (for understanding me and hearing me), Cat (What would I have done without you? Your friendship has meant the world and beyond), Bonnie (your generosity astounds me, and so does your
kindness), Diana (our wandering days have been so lovely and your friendship is dear to me), Carnie (my love knows no bounds), Dr. Jen and co, Joey, Ralston, Kolene, Jon, Roberta, Patrick, April, Tony, Rich, Laura, Marcel, Ryan M,
Ryan C, Erin, Amy, Kirsten...I am certain I have forgotten many...apologies.

Lastly to June, Wendy and Charlie - my little family. You brighten my days.

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