Friday, May 18, 2012

"Mad About You" by Telling on Trixie (Belinda Carlisle cover song)

From "Ugly, Broke & Sober," Telling on Trixie's sophomore album.

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The footage filmed at Red Gorilla Music Fest in Austin at the Chuggin' Monkey, Music Gorilla at Spin in Austin, and at the "Ugly, Broke & Sober" CD release party filmed at Sullivan Hall, NYC. "Mad About You" is Telling on Trixie's one and only cover song, remade with permission.

Telling on Trixie gives a darker take on Belinda Carlisle's wonderfully sugary pop hit. Shot, directed and edited by Julian Rad of Works Productions. Wonka Vision Magazine review: "Guitarists Brad Small and Tommy Kessler showcase their diversity within, from the searing solo that sears across the heavy hitting cover of Belinda Carlisles Mad About You, to their lilting work on the warm and breezy Crash Me Up, and on to the driving, new wave fired title track. Soaring rock, power ballads, lovely introspective numbers—the boys shine on them all. As does the rhythm section, whose tightness and self-assured performances underlie every song on the set....Nicoletto himself excels across Broke, but arguably reaches his soulful apex on Mad About You and his neo-soul apotheosis on the hard rock A.N.F.O. With a set full of powerful melodies and a diverse enough sound to please both pop and rock fans, Ugly, Broke & Sober has it all and then some."

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