Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Damien Nova - Omega (Free Download)

Omega is the final FREE online Exclusive project from Cocoa Buttah Records and Damien Nova before the January release Wrath Of An Evil Queen. It is the end of a string of ONLINE EXCLUSIVE records including Creature and Strangerotika (2011) and Angelus (Jan 2012). Per-usual its only available for a limited time before the next project. The sound is a heavy mix of Electronica, House and Rock with a splash of Soul. Featuring collaborations with world dance music producer Karsh Kale and the poetic musings of Cocoa Buttah Records own LongShaw.

Released 20 May 2012
Produced, Arranged, Written and Performed by Damien Nova
except Audiopia; Produced by Karsh Kale, and Omega Co-Written and Performed by LongShaw

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