Sunday, April 15, 2012

Unicorn Friction New Website

A Band Is Born

Georgios Garganopoulos of Timeface Project
When the German based sound designer Timeface Project & the American based synthpop band Candy Apple Blue decided to collaborate on one song together, they had no idea at the time that this would soon turn into a decision form a new band & write an entire album together!

Carly Emerick & Hoyt Emerick of Candy Apple Blue
Unicorn Friction is the exciting new union between Georgios Garganopoulos, Carly Emerick & Hoyt Emerick. This new enity quickly took on a life of it's own! With a spark of pure pop passion this project got under way in early November 2011. Just one month later the trio have united on six brand new songs together with four more in the works.

The first song to come out of this unique pairing is a power pop ballad called "A Lonely Love".

Stay tuned for more details as they unfold and most importantly keep your ear to the ground for their up coming debut album "Existential Crisis".

Check Out Their Website For More Info.

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