Monday, April 9, 2012

Kendall Kelly - Truth Changes

Kendall Kelly - Truth Changes

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A pop record with a wide range of influences and genres. Each song has its own feel and approach much like a Prince or Beatles CD. The writing, arrangement, production and vocal approach are unique to each song but still have my own flavor.... Songs like Deeper than Blue and Toast showcase my talents as an emotional and simple songwriter, while Boom Box and There's a Skip on the Record showcase a fun a playful funkiness. Darker than Black and Spiders are emotionally complex and deep, both with unique approach to production. Last Train, Do You Know How Sexy You Are and A World of Strangers are all Beatles/Kendall Hybrids . Living in My Headphones and Clothes Get in the way are both Rap songs - one Rock infused and the other incredibly minimal ,clever and quirky. It Doesn't Have to be a Dream is a modern dance song influenced by Britney Spears. Never be Removed From My Heart a modern blues track. Bring Back the Days is a Pop/Rock mid-tempo tune. Stanley is a song written by my friend Charles Brown about a relationship with an inmate.The CD also showcases the work of four different visual artists and reflects the diversity and emotional differences between the songs in a strong colorful fashion. I am VERY proud of this CD as a showcase of my work as a songwriter and producer.

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