Saturday, April 28, 2012

David Dub

David Dub is a truly gifted recording artist. He writes all his own lyrics, composes his melodies/harmonies, co produces all his songs and sings all the lead and background vocals. He is involved in every part of the creative process.

Available At CD Baby

Track List
1. Beautiful
2. The One Alright
3. All I Need
4. Believe
5. I Am Waiting
6. Baby Thank You
7. Move Your Body
8. Come
9. Let It Shine (A Capella Interlude)
10. Love Is Real
11. Give Me A Minute
12. The Way You Love Me
13. Long Time (Prelude)
14. Long Time
15. For Our Love
16. These Same Things
17. Give Me Your Love
18. Believe (Kilo Dub)

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