Friday, December 23, 2011

Toni Vere - Grandma's Old Guitar

03 Grandma's Old Guitar by ToniVere

My Grandpa played the fiddle and Grandma played a lap guitar back in Oxbow Sk in the mid 1930's - 1940's. By the time I came along they'd long packed up their music. When my Grandpa passed away some of his and Grandma's history made its way to my Dads and one day while visiting Dad ,pulled out this old guitar that was falling apart. It was Grandma's and he gave it to me. I took it apart and packed it up in a big box with an old quilt to keep it safe and hauled it around with me and my confused life for 10 years. Grandma passed away when she was 99 and I still had the guitar in a box. My wonderful partner Marilyn put the guitar back together for me and i wrote this song in honour of two of the finest people i've known in my life, Grandma and Grandpa ... this ones for you.

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