Friday, February 8, 2013

Sacha Sacket - Song For Jamey (live)

Written and Performed by Sacha Sacket for the It Gets Better Tour.

Available on iTunes

Cast member of it gets better, Sacha Sacket, was badly bullied in high school. Born in Iran, Sacha didn't disclose the harassment with his family and experienced severe alienation and depression. Years later, he discovered the story of Jamey - a young man who made a video for the It Gets Better Project documenting his own similar bullying experience. Tragically, Jamey took his own life in the fall of 2011 at age 15. Sacha wrote this song in one sitting in response to this tragic news, and he graciously shares it onstage as part of our performance.

This version was recorded live in the Shatto Chapel at the First Congregational Church in Los Angeles

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