Monday, February 18, 2013

New Kevin Allred Releases

Distractions & Forgotten Songs is a collection of unreleased demos, live tracks, covers, and songs that didn't make the cut for any of Kevin Allred's previous albums. Some would call these 10 years worth of leftovers...but they weren't meant to be left over. Allred re-mixed them all at home and put them together as a completely new album. Enjoy!!

If Amy Winehouse and Ryan Adams had a baby boy and he was sitting in your living room singing songs just for you, this is what it would sound like...

It's been almost 10 years since Kevin Allred's last album, and "Brave (Songs: 2005-2012)" marks an intimate and triumphant return to music for Allred. These songs were recorded in his home studio and are meant to sound like Allred is playing these songs for you right in your living room.

Also available on iTunes, Amazon & CDBaby

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