Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dylan Michael - Turn The Lights Down (Video and Free EP Download)

This is the music video for Dylan Michael's, "Turn The Lights Down," from his EP AfterLove.

Free Download of the AfterLove EP on his website.

Director: Alex Preston
DP: Alex Preston
Production Asst: Isaac Callahan
Conceptual Development: Dylan Michael
Location Permissions: Scot Mann, Leeanne Griffin, Isaac Callahan
Costumes: Dylan Michael
Lighting: Alex Preston, Leeanne Griffin, Tory Johnson
Hair & Makeup: Suzanne Stroup, Bridanya Ericksen, Sarah Beth Roach

Featuring: Dylan Michael, Cris Tyler, Jasmine Dix, Kenny Tang, Ian Brooks, Bridanya Ericksen, Suzanne Stroup, Sarah Beth Roach, Christian Higgins, Kevin Kersey, Liam McDermott, Sean Rayburn

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