Monday, October 29, 2012

Tom Goss - Make Believe

Available on iTunes

No man is an island. Unless he's Tom Goss. In a new music video for Goss's song "Make Believe," the DC-based singer-songwriter's body is transformed into an island paradise on which an animated duo have an imagination-filled adventure amidst monsters, a dragon, a volcano and a bear-piloted airplane. The human time-lapse video features a (discreetly) naked Goss lying perfectly still on his back while nationally renowned painter Scott G. Brooks transforms his body into a tropical landscape lush with vines and flowers. All the while, a shipwrecked character and his local guide invent a series of playful games while escaping the dangers lurking around this most unusual Isle of Man. The video, Goss's fifth, was shot in one 80-minute take, with help from ten off-camera puppeteers. Each second of video time took 28 seconds to film; a clock over Goss's naughty bits tracks the real time. In addition to painting Goss, Brooks also drew 159 different versions of the main characters, a clumsy circle and a trickster triangle, which come to life via time-lapse. Another nationally known DC artist, Dave Peterson, created the dragon, sea monsters, and flying bear. The video was directed by Aram Vartian and Michael Key.

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