Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gregory Douglass - The Great Wide (Official Music Video)

Gregory is thrilled to announce a music video and single series in progress called The Great Wide Project. It's a natural follow-up to his 2011 Lucid release as he continues a dream-themed journey through the mind. It's a psychological love story of a man struggling to accept what he perceives to be happening in the world around him. It aspires to be an elusive and surrealistic exploration for the eyes and ears and it is an ongoing work in progress. Please stay tuned for future videos and singles posted here (and be sure to bookmark this page)!

 The Great Wide single is now available and you can get it two different ways:

 #1 -- Download it for free -- receive a standard MP3 version of the single in exchange for your updated email address so that he can stay in touch with you when he releases future singles, videos, show dates and updates.

#2 - Buy the Great Wide Bundle -- it includes a high-quality MP3 and WAV, full digital single artwork with lyrics and official music video.

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