Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Young Professionals (TYP) - Young Professionals

How do you see your city? Fascinating, cosmopolitan and exciting - or disturbing and depressing? However you feel about the place you call home, there's no denying the energy and creativity of the people - we've seen the emergence of a new generation of talented artists, determined to break from the stereotypes and misconceptions of the past.

In our new video 'The Young Professionals', we've tried to capture the spirit and diversity of the people who live here -- people who 'work to live' rather than 'live to work'. Tel Aviv is urban living at its best, a place to meet and socialize, and use new media to interact and communicate. It's a city where individualism is celebrated -- quirky and different is always welcome, with the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

Written & Produced by Ivri Lider & Jonathan Goldstein Director: Ro-e Shani Director of Photography: Ziv Sade Producer: Gilad Admoni Editor: Ran Eshel Post Production: Amitay Gilad

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