Saturday, March 10, 2012

Terry Christopher Looking For Heroes

After taking last year off, Terry Christopher is getting back on his bike and taking MY RIDE on the road to Madison, Wisconsin for their ACT10 ~ AIDS Ride Wisconsin event August 2 - 5th! He has started to fund raise early so he can reach his goal sooner and focus more on his training when the warm weather starts to arrive!

He is currently almost HALFWAY to his goal of $5000 at $2,415. Please consider making a tax deductible donation by clicking this link. There is going to be a fun drawing that each donor will be entered for and each $20 increment gets you an entry! SERIOUS PRIZE CONSIDERATION is being given to The Kindle Fire of the iPad2...just sayin'! Steve Shura was the winner of the BIG PRIZE of the $200 gift card to Best Buy last time I rode!

Terry appreciates your support in helping those that need assistance in living with HIV/AIDS daily!

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