Saturday, February 18, 2012

Robert Urban for The Day of Pink

Robert Urban stretches out on guitar for THE DAY OF PINK, April 11, 2012 International Day against Bullying, Homophobia and Discrimination in Schools and Communities. Music & guitar solo excerpted from "Hold On" copyright © 2012 music and lyrics by R. Urban. Filmed by Morgan Humphries. Written, directed & edited by R. Urban at Urban Productions, NYC

"When it comes to bullying, silence can truly equal death. Help change people's perceptions of bullying, homophobia and discrimination. How? By changing the game. Turn bullying into a bully-pulpit for righteousness, tolerance and freedom. Speak out against bullying any chance you get - in speech, writing, music, art, dance, sport... in short, in LIFE!" - R. Urban

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