Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bluelight - 'Do What You Want'

Boomsmack Records is pleased to announce the latest video from Vancouver duo Bluelight.
Video Credits:
Directed by Jonathan Krauth for Green Couch Productions
Art Director and Producer: Michelle Allan
Art Direction: Heather Adams
Make Up: Meredydd Gray
Hair: Zed Payne
Styling:Carol Wainwright
Production Assistants: Amanda Gray-Floreano, Carol Wainwright and Dave Dudarama
Dancers: Ava Vanderstarren and Sarah Marvin
Stills Photography: Lara Gray
Special thanks to HK for making it possible

Song Credits
Written and performed by Lin Gardiner and Andréa Hector aka Bluelight
Produced by Lin Gardiner
(c) Boomsmack Records 2012

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