Sunday, March 24, 2013

Robert Urban - I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain

written by Tim Buckley; arranged, recorded & produced by Robert Urban at URBAN PRODUCTIONS, NYC; R. Urban - vocals, guitars, percussion, organ; Steven Sullivan - bass guitar; published by Tim Buckley Music.

While researching songs performed by the late Jeff Buckley for my appearance at the 2012 NYC Jeff Buckley Tribute, I came across this great big rollicking folk anthem by his father - renowned folk singer/songwriter Tim Buckley.

My guide in re-imaging "I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain" in the studio was Tim Buckley's recording of his March 6th, 1967 live solo acoustic performance at the Folklore Center, NYC. His fantastic, hard-driving energy and wild, rhythmically improvised vocal style inspired me to expand the acoustic guitar folk instrumentation into a full, classic late 60's electric rock band sound.

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