Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lester Greene - Father & Son (Bullying Is Wrong)

A song about a father not accepting his son for who is...Bullying is Wrong.

Produced by Swanny River


  1. Digging this Lester. I like the concept & the production values. Your unique twist on this is awesome. Can't wait to see the vid! (Calvin)

  2. This song is very well arranged! It really does tell the story well, and it listens like you're inside the head of the young man coming out. Anger, fear, betrayal, hostility, defiance, it's all in there. Like you, Lester, like a storm in a bottle. Your cork is about to BLOW.

    1. Timothy, that was well said! Thank you for your message. That was my goal for the song. I wanted to get inside of his head. Great analysis! Thanks for listening and thank you for your support! Stay tuned...for the video!

  3. This song hits close to home. I have to say I remember going through this with family, friends and close associates. It hits every emotion that I went through. I must say a job well done, Lester. Get that video up lol.