Monday, July 16, 2012

Ernest Kohl - Anyone Who's Ever Been In Love

BREAKING NEWS! ... NEW YORK, NEW YORK ... FAMOUS/EMG/FONTANA/UMG INC. and BEST GAY NEWS / BEST GAY NEW YORK / BEST GAY TIMES / BEST GAY MAGAZINE / BEST GAY CITIES proudly announce International Recording Star ERNEST KOHL's WORLDWIDE RELEASE of "ANYONE WHO'S EVER BEEN IN LOVE" direct from the studio and from the HOT NEW MUSICAL and UPCOMING MOVIE "THE COSMOPOLITAN" written by Golden Globe, Grammy and Emmy Winners Lance Horne and Josh Rhodes! This musical masterpiece contains no less than 30 sexy sizzling remixes to choose from for your listening pleasure! When you look into someone's eyes, the words to "ANYONE WHO'S EVER BEEN IN LOVE" should echo in your mind and resonate in your heart.

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