Friday, November 4, 2011

bobby blue interview - by Tom Edmondson

A very thorough interview of how he got into music and the evolution of his sound. Includes songs and childhood stories. Interview by Tom Edmondson, Producer The Tenth Voice 90.1FM KKFI Community Radio.

bobby blue interview - by Tom Edmondson by bobby blue


  1. Thank you Bill for airing this interview, Tom, fabulous as always, great interviewer. And Mr. Bobby Blue you are a treasure young man, looking forward to more of you!
    Thanx guys,
    Chris & Michael VT

  2. It is because of websites like this that radio show producers use to find our LGBT artists like Bobby and Chris Vontanner. Thank you for your kind words 'boys' but it is YOU that I put the spotlight on and give a 'voice' on my radio show. Tom Edmondson, Producer THE TENTH VOICE 90.1FM 1pm CT Saturdays.