Monday, October 17, 2011

Eric Himan "You're Gonna Need Me" entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2012...

Check out Eric Himan's new song, “You’re Gonna Need Me”! This is his entry for a song contest in Switzerland that he has the possibility of performing LIVE in Switzerland December 10th!

 The few steps to VOTE! for this song are directed as below. Because this is a contest based in Switzerland (and if he gets selected, will be HIS FIRST GIG in Europe with your help!), the instructions on the page are in German. BUT, WAIT! I can help you easily through the process so you can vote quickly and listen to his new song, “YOU’RE GONNA NEED ME”! in a four easy to follow steps:). ps. if you get lost, go here:

FIRST watch the video: Above (in a separate window)

SECOND: GO to this website Press: SF LOGIN in the small box on the left side then press „Neu Registrieren“ (new registration)

Fill in this short form:

Anrede* AKA Title —- Herr – Mr. Frau – Ms

Vorname* AKA First name Name* AKA Last Name

Adresse* AKA Address

PLZ AKA Zip Code (only 4 Numbers)- USE 9999 or 0000 for USA.

Village AKA State Land AKA Country (use Schweiz for USA)

E-Mail*- you got this! (you can use a fake one if you want to remain anonymous-ps. or use multiple ones:)

Geburtsdatum* AKA your date of birth(MM.DD.YYYY)

Benutzername* AKA- Your User Name

Passwort AKA Password

Passwort wiederholen* AKA Repeat your Password Then press „registrieren“ (register)

Ich habe die Datenschutzerkläung gelesen und bin damit einverstanded (I have read the data protection regulations and I agree)

THIRD: Vielen DankWir sind schon fast fertig. Sie erhalten in wenigen Augenblicken eine E-Mail an Ihre Adresse

(Open your Email Box – follow the link you got from „Schweizer Fernsehen“)

Willkommen Ihre Registrierung ist abgeschlossen, Sie können sich nun einloggen(Now your „SF Login“ is activated!)

FOUR: Now, go again to the website

Press „login/registrieren“ (above on the right side)

Einloggen Sie sind bereits registriert und möchten sich einloggen:

Benutzername oder E-Mail – Enter your Username and Password – Enter your Password einloggen then press „Einloggen“ (LOGIN)

Go to: (You get four points. Please give his song the 4 points to your favorite) Scroll down to the E’s and find him (Eric Himan-You’re Gonna Need Me” then go to the bottom and hit “Absenden (VOTE)”

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